Composting Worms

Malaysian/Indian Blues

“Red Wigglers” get a lot of name recognition, but I stand behind these “Malaysian/Indian Blues” because they are better suited to our tropical climate and soil conditions.

Don’t get hung up on a name. Yes, Red Wigglers have a superior tolerance for winter weather, but why would you want that?

If you already have some worms, take a close look at them in full sunlight. If you see oily or metallic blue streaks on their sides… you’ve got Blue Worms.


Worm Castings

“Black Gold”

Perfect for Seed Starters, Potting Soil, and General Fertilization.

This is 100% organic worm castings from worms fed on “Bunny Berries”.

No food waste, no pet waste, just rabbit droppings digested to perfection by nature’s Masters Composters.

Never any unpleasant smells, zero residual organic matter. These castings have completed decomposition so there’s no risk of burning tender shoots. This is absolute black gold. No need to dilute in solution, just pot and plant. Pre-sifted and slightly dried to reduce overall weight.


Raw Dog Food

Ground Bunny Burger

High quality rabbit meat. This meat is from rabbits that we raise ourselves, at our home, for our own

dinner table.

Absolutely no outside breeding sources. This is meat that we eat ourselves.

Primarily “retired” breeders that have lived a long life, are getting into their “golden years”, and are going off to “Freezer Camp” to make room for younger more fertile rabbits.

Why would you feed your pets odd cuts and scraps from a meat packer? If it’s not fit for people, it shouldn’t be fit for your companion.

Whole, quartered, or ground.

Subject to availability.

Starter Tilapia

Fingerlings and Juveniles

Fingerlings and Juveniles

Starter fish for new Aquaponic Systems or replacements for quick restocking after harvest.